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Hi Ordnance1, You could either do this through a macro or code. To do this within a macro, you could create a new macro action using the OpenForm command..

This tutorial contains examples of using SQL with VBA Access. As you will see below, to run SQL queries in Access with VBA you can use either the DoCmd.RunSQL or CurrentDb.Execute methods. This example will use the SQL Select statement to open a recordset. Jan 21, 2022 · For example, you can use the OpenCurrentDatabase method from Microsoft Excel to open the Northwind.mdb sample database in the Access window. After you have created an instance of Access from another application, you must also create a new database or specify a particular database to open. This database opens in the Access window..

Use the VBA DAO Database Execute command, rather than DoCmd.RunSQL and DoCmd.OpenQuery, to run action queries without warning messages and avoid changing the.

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Jun 09, 2015 · Same problem here: After adding some Queries (Connections only) with VBA to the active workbook the "Workbook Queries" pane should be shown via vba code. However all attempts with Application.CommandBars("Workbook Queries").Visible = True do fail. Is there any way to show the newly created Queries to the user?.

Jun 17, 2012. Messages. 7,724. Jul 12, 2013. #3. You can use the below code to find out if the query is open/loaded. Code: Copy to clipboard. Dim obj As AccessObject, dbs As.

Or how can I prevent someone from importing Queries in MDB1 from MDB2 when this someone belongs to the same Work Group as MDB1and has Open/Run permission on MDB1.? By hiding the Tables in MDB1 it looks as if importing through the import wizards (under File in MSACCESS).

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